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3L Spring

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Wife. Mom. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend. Law Student.

At any given time, I may be all of these or none of these. On the occasion that I get to steal away from the reality of life and immerse myself in a novel or find my inner yogi, I am none of these. But most days, I am all of these. And I love it. Well most of the time. What I have found (through experience) is that embracing each of these roles in part makes you a better whole. I don’t think I could have gone to law school out of undergrad. Actually, it didn’t even cross my mind (which I talk about in my book). Now that I have survived my first year, I’m convinced that this was the best time to go and my skills as a mom (wife, daughter, et al) are better for it. I still have doubts, which is common with a decision that spans three (exhausting) years of one’s life, but the important thing is that I know it is all part of the experience for which I was destined. Come experience my journey with me and be empowered to start your own.


Hope’s Law School Timeline:

  • February 2008: I say “yes” to law school
  • June 2008: LSAT, first attempt
  • December 2008: LSAT, second attempt
  • January 2009: Law school applications (do not wait this long)
  • May 2009: Acceptance to law school
  • June 24, 2009: Graham was born
  • August 10, 2009: Made the official decision to go to law school
  • August 16, 2009: Moved to Des Moines
  • August 18, 2009: Law School Orientation (Graham just shy of 8 weeks old)