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People are too busy

I find myself in a constant struggle with my priorities.  Lately, I can't even tell what is important - my clients, myself, my husband, my son, my friends, my family, my law practice, my finances, my sanity, my independence, my pride, my boundaries.  Oh My!    

I probably can't tell what is most important to me because all of these are fighting to be number one. The priorities fight for number one in many different ways.  

My client asks for a quick turnaround time.
A prospective client wants answers.  
My body is saying take a vacation.
My bank balance is saying you have to work right now.
My son wants me to do a puzzle, right now.
My brain is saying be successful or your not going to survive. 


Some things are a priority for that day or that specific moment.  Some priorities overlap because of the situation.  

What I know is that I will never know where priorities belong until....

I . . . Slow . . . Down . . ..

Everyday I wonder how people that have more responsibilities than me can get it all done.

But everyone has their own sized bucket that is their capacity for their life. I really appreciate those that intentionally trade a large bucket for a smaller one on purpose.  To me, that means, life experiences are more important than to accomplish what the world is demanding of them.  

A capacity bucket isn't visible to anyone but the owner, therefore, the way to make others aware of the size of the bucket is by establishing very clear boundaries.  A yes is a yes.  A no is a no.  That person knows when to say yes and when to say no.  When I say yes to one of my priorities, I'm saying no to another.  When I go through this process intentionally, I feel ok.  When I do it as a reaction, I don't feel ok (later).

I am more than a hamster on a wheel, going faster and faster - and going nowhere.

Living intentionally is harder than not.  If I don't take time to stop the wheel, life will pass me by and I will be in the same place.  Taking time to stop the wheel should be priority number one.


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