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Suit Up!  



When I started law school, I wasn’t crazy about wearing a suit.  After 1L year I grew to like the idea of wearing a suit and even a suit with a skirt.[1]  Wearing a suit 1L year was sort of a treat; you didn’t have a job to dress up for so it usually meant something special was happening that day – like an interview.  I quickly learned that wearing heels and lugging 30 pounds of books in a backpack dampened the excitement of the suit.  Not to mention keeping track of your suit jacket.   2L year, I got a little wiser.  If I had an interview that day, I brought my suit separately; which I did even if I was working that day at a job that didn’t require me to wear a suit.  If I did wear a suit all day, I wore black comfy shoes.[2] 

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Does it pay to be a gunner?

Law school lends itself to a competitive atmosphere by default.  It was competitive to get into school and then once you are in, it gets worse.  During school you compete to get work experience, to be selected on a competition team (e.g. Moot Court, Mock Trial).  Then there is the overall competition for grades which then correlate to class rank and may (or may not) affect the competition for a full-time job.

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