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My 50th blog! Look how far you have come.

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I think I am like most people when it comes to stress and tormenting myself.  If I am overwhelmed or stressed about something present or in the imminent future, I minimalize all of my successes leading to where I am.

I started blogging in October 2010.  I loved it immediately.  I wanted to blog my entire 1L year but there was not a single minute available between being a new mom, new law student and a new resident of Des Moines.  Instead of blogging, I spent my 1L summer writing a book called “Law School Mom”.  My intent was to take what I would have been blogging had I had the time.  I am really proud of my book and hope you consider making it part of your e-book collection.

I like to go gangbusters when I find something I enjoy. 

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Deactivating Facebook

Follow me on Facebook, later.

I am about to contradict an earlier post about Facebook.  See “Facebook is a necessary part of finals.” On Tuesday, I told myself I would not go on Facebook until the bar exam was over to help increase productivity.  Yesterday when I finished my most recent blog, I wanted to share it and Facebook has always been a great way to share my stories.  Then last night when I needed a study break, I went for the old reliable – Facebook.  This is where I learned the Supreme Court found the Healthcare Act constitutional, i.e. Obamacare.  Great, without Facebook I would not have learned this because I don’t surf the internet, read the paper or engage in non-bar review conversation (trust me, I would like to do all of these).

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