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Still standing

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics 

Monday mornings are always challenging – no one wants to start the work week and Graham always puts up a fight about going to daycare.  The great thing is that once we get through the Monday morning shuffle, we enjoy the day ahead. 

Today, I am working on easing back into life and getting myself organized.  No work today.  No school today!!!  Just lists and compartmentalizing the things I want to work on from now until September 14, when the Iowa Bar exam results are posted.  I am kicking off my Monday-after-the-bar-exam-one-on-one time with the Today Show’s coverage of yesterday’s American medal winners.   One of the Silver-medalist Synchronized Divers said “you don’t win the medal alone.”  She went on to say that she would not be where she is now without the support of friends, family and coaches back home.

I feel the same way about the breaking the finish line of the bar exam. 

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My 50th blog! Look how far you have come.

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I think I am like most people when it comes to stress and tormenting myself.  If I am overwhelmed or stressed about something present or in the imminent future, I minimalize all of my successes leading to where I am.

I started blogging in October 2010.  I loved it immediately.  I wanted to blog my entire 1L year but there was not a single minute available between being a new mom, new law student and a new resident of Des Moines.  Instead of blogging, I spent my 1L summer writing a book called “Law School Mom”.  My intent was to take what I would have been blogging had I had the time.  I am really proud of my book and hope you consider making it part of your e-book collection.

I like to go gangbusters when I find something I enjoy. 

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