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Worst Christmas letter ever

I started a blog yesterday titled “A doctor a day”.  It was a reflection of the comedy of errors that happened this week which convinced me that my daily calls or trips to the doctor are never going to end.  I feel like seeing or calling a healthcare professional has been a part-time job for me ever since I left my paying part-time job in January.  I left my job so I could take care of my back pain; having no idea how time consuming it would be.  I went back through my calendar, and week by week I started to recall all the doctor visits I had, Graham had (because of his tonsils and adenoids) and how many alternative healthcare providers I asked to help me.  I did massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, Reiki.

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Do what you want

As a mom I work hard to trust my instincts and attempt to tune out what the media and society expects of me.  The frills of Christmas have similar competing interests.  With Christmas comes the lights, the gifts, and letters.   I’ll talk about each of these in turn.

Christmas lights
The lights are usually the first outward sign (unless you are in a retail store) that the Christmas season is upon us.  Geoff, Graham and I live on street in Windsor Heights, a town of twenty city blocks landlocked by other suburbs of Iowa’s capitol city.  

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