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Please don't call on me

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The following is an excerpt of Chapter 3 of Law School Mom

Hope Wood © Copyright 2014

This was one of the best t-shirts I have ever seen because all law students know what it means. If you have seen any law school movie (e.g. The Paper Chase) or talked with a law student, you are familiar with the Socratic Method. Schools still use it and it still works. One of the underlying purposes of this method is to make you think like a lawyer.

This means thinking critically and is achieved by a professor continually asking you questions based on your responses. You will hate this. If you are like me, you like to be good at things. If you aren't good at something, you will work at it until it gets easier. Even after my first year, I'm still not there. It takes practice, which includes trying and failing and trying and succeeding. You need to do both or you will not know what not to do.

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Infatuated with law school

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I will have been married seven years in March, but I remember too well the infatuation stage of the relationship.[1]   It doesn’t take much effort to recall the feelings you get when you meet someone you are attracted to.  You take care in your appearance, your stomach gets butterflies when you are together and there is nothing he can do you won’t find delightful.  I remember this phase lasting six to twelve weeks in any given relationship.  After that, the attentiveness, thoughtfulness and excitement begins to wear off.

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Does it pay to be a gunner?

Law school lends itself to a competitive atmosphere by default.  It was competitive to get into school and then once you are in, it gets worse.  During school you compete to get work experience, to be selected on a competition team (e.g. Moot Court, Mock Trial).  Then there is the overall competition for grades which then correlate to class rank and may (or may not) affect the competition for a full-time job.

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