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Buying books in law school

Excitement is building around the law school as the 1Ls arrive on campus to start law school orientation.  I was working on a project[1] outside the bookstore yesterday and had the opportunity to meet a few newcomers as they went inside to buy their books.

Buying law school books can be expensive; sometimes it needs to be and sometimes it doesn’t.

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Living the dream doesn’t come for free, anyway you look at it.

I know I wrote in my last blog that I was going to post a finals wrap-up, but contents of this blog topic have surfaced off and on the last year and I wanted to seize the moment to write about it.

I look at having a JD as a key to opening doors of a wide variety of job opportunities.  There is the traditional litigation option, as well as in-house counsel, government agencies, FBI, judicial clerkships,
working as a lobbyist, and much more.

Earning a JD has a big price tag.  And I’m not just talking about a dollar value (with several zeros behind it).  There is the price of your physical health; ba-bye regular work out, hello desk. 

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