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Homework sabotage

Last week I got a long overdue momcation; a full week at home, free of parenting responsibilities.  Before then, the longest I had been away from Graham was a single weekend and I went somewhere else while he stayed home. This time, he went to visit his grandparents so I felt assured he was well taken care of.  For me, the reason for my momcation was to spend the time getting well.

If you saw my prior post, you are aware of the back pain I have been experiencing this semester.  I'll spare you the specifics, but the Monday after spring break, I was in too much pain to walk and went in for an emergency epidural steriod injection.  

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Vale of tears


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My only true blog post this semester was my first week of school.  You would think that my last semester as a law school mom, I would want to write more.  And indeed I do, I have about five ideas stored away and every week I want to write, but my life has gotten in the way.  Not in the way that I would have ever expected in my final days of law school.

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