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My style of learning 

This image is from 1L first semester finals taken by Geoff and blogged at

“All you have to do is pass”

“It is pass/fail”

“You just have to get a D”

“It is minimal competency”

“You will pass”

“You will be fine”

These are a few phrases I have heard the last year regarding the bar exam.  That should make a person who is being tested over sixteen subjects worth of material (from memory) feel better.  If the real questions are as hard as the BarBri questions (which I am told they are not), I will be tested on an average of five concepts for one substantive area of law in a single question. 

It isn’t a Contract question of “is it an offer”?  It starts with a possible offer (disguised in an invitation including a specific request to a designated offeree) with detailed terms that may or may not be included in the contract, subject to a condition by the offeror, requesting acceptance by mail (Mailbox Rule applicable?), but has a deadline. 

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Buying books in law school

Excitement is building around the law school as the 1Ls arrive on campus to start law school orientation.  I was working on a project[1] outside the bookstore yesterday and had the opportunity to meet a few newcomers as they went inside to buy their books.

Buying law school books can be expensive; sometimes it needs to be and sometimes it doesn’t.

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