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Suit Up!  



When I started law school, I wasn’t crazy about wearing a suit.  After 1L year I grew to like the idea of wearing a suit and even a suit with a skirt.[1]  Wearing a suit 1L year was sort of a treat; you didn’t have a job to dress up for so it usually meant something special was happening that day – like an interview.  I quickly learned that wearing heels and lugging 30 pounds of books in a backpack dampened the excitement of the suit.  Not to mention keeping track of your suit jacket.   2L year, I got a little wiser.  If I had an interview that day, I brought my suit separately; which I did even if I was working that day at a job that didn’t require me to wear a suit.  If I did wear a suit all day, I wore black comfy shoes.[2] 

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