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Bye-bye summer (hello law school)

Illustration "The Nine Types of Law Students" by Courtney Lockwood, 

One way to take the sting out of ending something fun with my son is for him to tell it bye-bye.[1]  Intuitively, to me, it seems to imply “I will miss you and I had fun, but it is time for something new, and promisingly more fun.” 

Tonight is the last night of summer break.  It didn’t feel much like a break; I started two part-time jobs, took classes from the Monday after finals until July 31st, sat for the MPRE August 5th, and then had two weeks of nothing related to law school.  Several times I cursed myself for being so stressed this summer because on paper it seemed I would have a lot of free time.  As the 2L class will soon find out, learning a new job and starting a new class at the same time takes a physical and mental toll, no matter if you’ve done it before.  It is manageable, but it is a challenge.

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