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Learn from the losses

Today was my first trial for a family law case.  I have had other trial experience.  I had a criminal defense trial that was dismissed upon arrival to the courtroom and a small claims trial against a pro se litigant.  Although those required preparation, my case today was the true litigation experience.

The opposing party was represented, we had completed full blown discovery of interrogatories, request for production, request for admission and both parties had been deposed.  Subpoenas were issued, ours included a duces tecum.  I had a motion in limine prepared, exhibits marked and my examination questions written.

Before we even started trial, the judge had to consider the opposing side's motion to continue the trial.  I was prepared with the applicable civil procedure rule, a 2013 Iowa Supreme Court case that was spot on the issue, and a succinctly drafted argument for why the judge should dismiss the motion.   

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