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Calling in the vows

Photo by Frazer Smyth Photography

2012 has, without question, had its challenges. I covered a lot of it in my post "Worst Christmas letter ever." One constant in the roller coaster ride of this year is the unwavering support of friends and family. And it needs to be said separately-the sacrifices my husband of 7.5 years made time and again to make sure I got to where I am today; he is nothing short of amazing.

This weekend was a family wedding; the second this year. Weddings are great as a married couple because the homily is a nice continuing education credit on marriage.   Also, the vows are a reminder of the promise we made to each other. One thing is for sure-I called in the vows this year. More than any other year of our marriage. And strangely they all probably need to be called in when a spouse is sick.  A spouse's illness, in my opinion, takes the biggest toll on a marriage.

For better or worse.
For richer or poor.
In sickness or in health.

Worse. Poor. Sick. But still going strong. And making us even stronger. Love you dear!