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Welcome Home!

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Geoff and Graham came home from their week-long stay Arkansas on Thursday night.  They left the Friday before and spent the week with Geoff’s parents in Belle Vista.  We had talked about going down as a family for a week or two in July, but after I spent four days at the farm with uninterrupted time to study for the bar exam we decided it was good if I stayed home.

I missed my Graham-man dearly.  The only other time I was apart from him for a week was the first time he was in Arkansas in March while I worked on pain management for my back.  The mommy guilt sets in, of course.  Graham would have the time of his life with grandma and grandpa and they were tickled to have their grandson for a full week.  But the underlying purpose was so mommy could study for the bar exam.  Then I rationalize that he won’t remember being apart, he won’t miss me that often, he will benefit in the long run because I am taking the bar exam. 

But none of those reasons matter.  It was time to throw guilt out the window. 

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